Persian dance

Persian dance

In the old Persia, nowadays Iran, an extremely varied form of dance emerged that is characterized by gracefulness. Persian dance is a romantic form of dance, deeply influenced by poetry. No other dance form tells a story in such a graceful manner as Persian dance. A Persian dancer expresses this through all the different styles this rich, spiritual, poetic, graceful and elegant form of dance has to offer.

Helia was born in Shiraz, Iran, where she grew up in a culture that is filled with dance traditions. Inspired by her Persian background and strong connection to the Persian history, Helia has begun to rediscover the dance forms of the old Persia. Her passion for Persian dance made Helia travel around the world to share the beauty of the dance.

Seeing Helia performing the art of Persian Dance is a unique experience and is guaranteed to leave audiences, young and old, amazed. Helia┬┤s Persian Dance workshops are highly rated and attract very diversified audiences. For more information on Helia as a dancer, click here.

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