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Helia was born in Shiraz, Iran and decided to dedicate her life to Persian dance. Like no other, Helia possesses the ability to connect with the hearts of her audience, by sharing the art of Persian Dance.

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7 March 2020: montreal

Deuil de cypres Duo Perse-inca & Helia Bandeh le spectacle multidisciplinaire

Helia Bandeh Choregraphie et dance Classique Persane Showan Tavakol Kamancheh, compositeur Federico Tarazona Charango, compositeur Bertil Schulrabe Percussions Behnaz Sohrabi Chanteuse, Rabab Pedro Diaz Danse Afro Peruvien Nirvan Fadaie Visual

theatre Rouge conservatoire de musique et d'art, 4750 Henri Julien Ave,, montreal

3/7/2020 7:30:00 PM

Price: € 0,00

14 March 2020: Workshop montreal

Persian classical dance wokshop 2 hour technique

Persian classical dance workshop by Helia Bandeh Three different workshops -Saturday start 11:00-13:00 first workshop Technique all level -Saturday 14:30-18:30 second workshop choreography all level -Sunday 11:00-13:00 13:00-14:30 break 14:30-16:30 choreography advance Prices All three workshops 10 hours 250,- CAD Saturday 2 hour technique 55,- CAD Saturday 4 hour choreography 110,- CAD Sunday 4 hour choreography 110,- CAD Place: Studio Caravane 6262 St Hubert St, Montreal Registration

Studio Caravane, 6262 St Hubert , montreal

3/14/2020 11:00:00 AM

Price: € 55,00

What others say

" I would highly recommend this course to anyone "


I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of the Classical Persian Foundation Dance Course run By Helia.I didn’t know at first what I had let myself in for when I signed up for this 30 hour- intensive course. However, Helia’s warmth and amazing teaching approach made me fall in love with a dance I didn’t know much about before starting the course.I learnt how Helia, with great passion and much research, believes the dance has evolved. I can now say that I have a basic knowledge of the music and basic steps and movements used in this charming form of art.Despite the course being quite challenging at times, I thoroughly enjoyed it. This brief but very inspiring journey has given me the desire to continue learning a dance which is worth keeping alive.I would highly recommend this course to anyone and I hope that Helia will be back to the UK soon.

" It is a gift to have the opportunity to learn from her "

Sabine Tucker

What an honor it was to have experienced Helia's mastery of Persian Dance here in the Bay Area! She is not only a beautiful dancer, but a truly skilled and knowledgeable teacher - she breaks down complicated movements and explains style and musicality in a clear and thoughtful way. She is also tremendously kind and generous in her sharing this beautiful art form - it is a gift to have the opportunity to learn from her!

" I'm hooked "

Susie White

My first workshops with Helia were at the Majma festival and all I can say is WOW! I am now totally hooked on Persian dance. Wonderful experience; fabulous dancer. I can't wait to do more.

" Looking forward to learn more from Helia "

Sigita M.

I took Helia's Classical Persian Dance workshop in London and it was wonderful - not only the choreography was beautiful, Helia explained a lot about the music, the gestures, the feelings and mood, also we got to know a little bit of history of Persian dance and how Helia herself started dancing it and teaching it, trying to preserve this beautiful art. I am looking forward to learn more from Helia!

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Persian Dance

Dance Performance

Helia performs as a solo dancer in live shows, festivals and theater shows. You can book Helia for a solo dance performance, with or without live musicians.

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The stars of Helia Dance Company are exceptional dancers and are well-trained to star in theater shows. We offer several theater productions through Helia Dance Productions and we offer to star in your custom projects as well.


Would you like to enrich your event with a unique Persian Dance workshop? Then Helia's Persian Dance workshops are the perfect fit!

Helia Dance Academy

Helia founded Helia Dance Academy to create a central international point of education for Persian Dance, that enables dancers from all over the world to master themselves in the art Persian Dance. The mission of Helia Dance Academy is to spread the knowledge of Persian Dance to every corner of the world and educate as many dancers as possible in the process.

Helia Dance Company

Helia founded Helia Dance Company to create an international center of Persian Dance talent. Helia Dance Company features a group of talented Persian Dance professionals, all personally selected and educated by Helia herself. As a professional Persian Dance group, Helia Dance Company offers you a team of professionals that is certain to mesmerize your audience.

Helia Dance Productions

Helia Dance Productions is the creative factory of professional Persian Dance theater productions. We offer a collection of professional Persian Dance shows, ready to bring a unique addition to your theater. Contact us through Helia Dance Productions for more info.