Seeing Helia perform is a unique experience and is guaranteed to leave audiences, young and old, amazed. You can book Helia for a solo dance performance in your show or festival or media events, or book the Helia Dance Company for group performances.

To book Helia, use the contact details on the Contact page. Please specify clearly:

  1. A description of the event
  2. The scheduled date and time
  3. The country and location
  4. Your request.

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Dance Performance

Helia performs as a solo dancer in live shows, festivals and theater shows. You can book Helia for a solo dance performance, with or without live musicians.

Theater shows

The stars of Helia Dance Company are exceptional dancers and are well-trained to star in theater shows. We offer several theater productions through Helia Dance Productions and we offer to star in your custom projects as well.


Would you like to enrich your event with a unique Persian Dance workshop? Then Helia's Persian Dance workshops are the perfect fit!

What others say

"She dances with the entire universe"

Iris Rohmann

When Helia dances, she dances with the entire universe. Sometimes vigorous, sometimes subtle, but always accurate and in deep concentration. Helia's art is a feast for the eyes and she herselve is nothing less!

"The grace of a butterfly"

Catarina Ribeiro

She has the grace of a butterfly and the accuracy of a spear. Her smile is kind and her hands look like little birds flying in the sky. Each step is effortless and clean, making me believe she is floating in the air..